Lake Living

LAKE LIVING is a privilege, and one that is not as accessible to many as it once was in Minnesota. The days of the modest cabin by the lake where the family could summer, or the small mom and pop resorts where everyone could gather for a week or two, are nearly a thing of the past. Each time we return to our 1925 cabin on Fawn Island (and the new little guest cottage) we count our blessings and marvel at our good fortune, and perhaps give ourselves just small pat on the back for believing in old ways, old traditions, old cabins, and striving to keep them alive.
When we first came to the island the cabin was ramshackle, swaybacked, old and weathered and seeming intent on sliding into the lake. Kathy has done a marvelous job restoring it and bringing it back to life. In the process, the life of our family has been immeasurably enriched as well.

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