Late Afternoon Walk Along The Riverbank

YESTERDAY WE SET OUT from the Church O’ The Pines estate, bound for the wilds of southeast Minnesota in search of eagles. A search well-rewarded. Today we returned to the Church grounds, and I set out for a late afternoon walk along the riverbank in search of… whatever. What I found, in addition to a pretty sunset, was otter sign!

Tracks and slides, dens and odoriferous piles of scat. Very odoriferous. All here along our Church shoreline. It is always fun to find such signs, to know that we share this lovely bit of the Earth and the great river with these delightful creatures. Playful, smart, gorgeous in form and movement. I have not yet seen them in winter, but love to find evidence of their proximity. Then it was back to the Caretakers’ cabin, windows glowing in the gloom. Feed the flying squirrels. And place the snowshoes by the back door, to wait for another outing.

All the congregation in the woods by the river wish you a sincere, if belated, Good Sabbath…

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