Little Cabin on Fawn Island

WE ARE UNABLE TO BE IN OUR LITTLE CABIN ON FAWN ISLAND with son and daughter-in-law and the grandchildren this week, due to what our little grandson sweetly and heartbreakingly calls, “Covid-Time.” But Daughter-in-Law Kat sends this gorgeous sunset picture from the dock. I have taken, and shared, many photos from the Fawn Island dock, but have never caught colors like this! Extraordinary.

It sounds as if they are having many fine adventures, and we wish we were there to share them as usual. Hopefully next year! Meanwhile, here at the Church O The Pines, it is a fine and gentle morning. Yesterday our two young eaglets, who Kathy calls Thing One and Thing Two, gave us several hours of Wild Kingdom enjoyment, as they soared back and forth across the river, demanded fish from harried parents, stood in the river together soaking their feet, LAY DOWN and stretched out on the grass, and hopped onto a neighbor’s small table and cooler across the river perhaps scavenging for small bits of food. Then, in a flash, spotting an adult arriving with a fish, back to the home Eagle Tree they flew, with much screaming and caterwauling. In the meantime red squirrels and chipmunks were all over the deck and underfoot, broad wing hawks whistling, hummingbirds happily humming, the blue jay tribe conversing, crows raucously tossing insults and gossiping, Sparky the Cardinal singing, all while we awaited the next round of severe weather to arrive. Which it never did for our little woods. We were grateful.
This morning we have a full congregation for services, including all of the aforementioned, plus a colony of bumblebees which has moved into the open bow space of my old Pistachio Princess canoe. I am now attempting to devise a gentle method to convince them to move elsewhere.

Such is life on a Sunday morning here at the Pine Chapel. All here wish you Good Sabbath. Thing One and Thing Two do so noisily and enthusiastically!

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