Lovely Autumn Days in New York City

New York City

AFTER FIVE LOVELY autumn days in New York City, it is time to return home. My visit was a fascinating juxtaposition of traipsing the concrete canyons, walking the trails of Central Park and its flood of autumn color, and—mostly—sitting in a small recording booth and reading aloud Sigurd Olson’s ‘Singing Wilderness.’

As I read and the flow of familiar images passed before me, I was not surrounded by the city—with all its charms and noise and haste—but was instead in a canoe with Sig. Gathering pine knots for a campfire. Skiing a winter trail. Smelling fresh-cut balsam. Listening for the distant howl of a wolf or the midnight wail of a loon.

I had a skilled and supportive sound engineer, who said he was being intoroduced to a new world. I think we created something good, and useful, and lasting. I HOPE that we created something beautiful, a fitting addition to Sigurd Olson’s legacy.

Once again, my great thanks to the Listening Point Foundation for making this project possible. We will let you know when the audio-book becomes available. Thanks to all you friends for visiting New York with me!

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