“Mike Link” My Great Friend

Douglas Wood Grandparents address I sent to Mike Link

MY GREAT FRIEND Mike Link, on one of his river boat expeditions, has been spending the day traipsing around river town Alton, Illinois. Knowing my history of living there with my grandad and grandmother during childhood summers, he called to ask the address. Then sent these photos of my grandparents’ house—the house and yard and street I remember and love so much from childhood. A very important part of who I am. My book, Grandad’s Prayers of the Earth, is about these memories, as well as many other references in my writings.

As a side note, I just received initial artwork sketches from China, where a brand new book, Grandad’s Talking Trees, will be published. Has more personal memories and philosophy, and some of my best writing, I think. But couldn’t interest an American publisher at this time. So… it will hopefully speak to my friends on the other side of the world.

Many thanks to Mike for his kindness in reaching out with images from my past, as he explores Alton. How incredibly thoughtful!!! And what a beautiful little house…

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