More Wit and Wisdom

MORE WIT AND WISDOM FROM THE PIANO STUDIO OF MY MOTHER, Joyce Wood. Mother passed away 2 years ago and I miss her daily, but it is fun to share the notes she saved of her interactions with students. (72 years of lessons!) Today we see classic ‘Ivory Alibi’s,’ or a few of the students’ excuses she encountered at lessons:

I haven’t had time to practice.
I forgot my glasses.
Your piano needs tuning.
This piano feels so different.
The page turn messed me up.
I didn’t know I was supposed to turn the page.
It sounded a lot better at home.
This bench is too low.
The bench is too high.
The piano is too loud.
I practiced it faster. (Slower.)
A key is sticking.
I didn’t know we were repeating.
I’ve never played this before.
The action is too loose.
The action is too stiff.
The pedal sticks.
The pedal clunks.
There is a mouse in the piano!
I didn’t like this piece anyway.

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