Mother’s Day

Mothers Day

HERE AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES IT IS MOTHERS DAY. It is not clear that all the furred and feathered congregation know that it is Mother’s Day, but it seems likely they do. There are bouquets of wildflowers strewn around the woods—Bloodroot and Hepatica, Trout Lily and Spring Beauty. And all the mothers are busy being… well, mothers. Endlessly busy, busy, busy. It is nearly certain they do not get the praise and appreciation they deserve. Thank you, all Moms and Mothers!!! For all you are and all you do…

Our congregation swells this time of year. The little warblers stop by and feast at the suet feeders as they pause on their long journey. The hummingbirds are back! And the flame-sided orioles. And last evening, as Kathy was working late in her gardens, we heard the songster who each Spring challenges Sparky the Cardinal as the most epic church choir soloist—the Hermit Thrush. Singing and warbling as if equipped with his own reverb or echo chamber, he lofts song after song from the deep woods. All are thrilled to hear such musical artistry, as we realize we are in the presence of greatness.

It is a fine time of year at the Church O’ The Pines. We wish you Good Sabbath wherever you are. And, of course, a Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

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