My Newest Children’s Book

My Newest Children's Book

JUST FOR FUN, I THOUGHT I’D SHARE THE TEXT for my newest children’s book, ‘I Love You Little, I Love You Lots.’ It was a LOT of fun to write! Of course, it’s much more fun with the wonderful, warm, and whimsical pictures by Brian Karas… I think it’s really sweet, and of course, dedicated to my grandchildren. But I love the idea of any child, anywhere, reading this with a mom or dad, grandma or grandpa. Or anyone at all who loves them. The book is now available for pre-orders at Or at this link……/i-love-you-little-i-love-you…/
I love you little
I love you lots
My love for you
Would fill 10 pots
15 buckets
And 16 cans
3 teacups
And 4 dishpans.

I love you very
And more than that
I love you more than my fishing hat
My torn blue jeans
And my untied shoes
My scraped-up knee
And my prettiest bruise.

I love you finny
I love you furry
My love for you
Can swim or scurry
Quick as a kitten
Slow as a snail
High as an eagle
And deep as a whale.

I love you big
I love you small
My love for you
Is 12 feet tall
A yard, 2 inches
And 24 miles
A pinch, a heap,
And 3 small piles.

I love you up
I love you down
My love for you
Can touch the ground
Through the deep valley
And into the dell
Down with the bucket
And into the well.

I love you here
I love you there
I’d love you
Almost anywhere
Over the hills
And across the sea
Wherever there’s you
Wherever there’s me.

I love you green
I love you red
I love you more
Than I’ve ever said
More than the rainbow
And all of its hues
Oranges and purples
Yellows and blues.

I love you forward
I love you back
Put my love
On a railroad track
Pulling 200 cars
And 5 red cabooses
Blowing its whistle
Whenever it chooses.

I love you shady
I love you sunny
Where the flowers bloom
And the bees make honey
Where the daisy smiles
Near the rambling rose
The bluebell nods
And the daffodil grows.

I love you low
I love you high
My love for you
Could reach the sky
Could lasso the moon
And pull down the stars
Make a necklace of
Jupiter, Venus and Mars.

I love you first
I love you last
Into the future
And back to the past
Before the beginning
And after the end
Over the mountain
And around the bend.

I love you because
And I don’t know why
No one could love you
More than I
Couldn’t buy my love
In the fanciest store
But it’s worth all the world
And a little bit more.

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