My wife-by-marriage she is of Polish ancestry

Sweet delicies - she is of Polish ancestry

KATHY, my wife-by-marriage, had the maiden name Sokolowski when I tumbled for her in college. Prettiest name I ever heard. As you might guess, she is of Polish ancestry. And for decades, every Christmas at her family’s farm home we were treated to a variety of traditional Polish delicacies, much to her dad’s delight. It has been a while now since those treats have been served. So yesterday, on a trip to the cities, Kathy asked that we make a detour to North Minneapolis, to a place she had found on-line. Kramarczuk’s deli and bakery. And she hit the jackpot. Out she came a few minutes later, fragrant in the cold downtown air with all kinds of delicious old-world scents, carrying two well-stuffed grocery bags. Now, when we gather for our Christmas meal, we will once more partake of pierogis, kolachys, oplatki Christmas wafers, chocolate chip cheesecake cookies, walnut roll, caraway rye bread, and poppyseed bread. And chocolate candies. And other good stuff. No shortage of starches. Or memories. Or love.

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