Natural Woodland

natural woodland

IT IS A PEACEFUL, late summer morning at the Church O The Pines. This feeling of peace is often one of the reasons people attend church, and it abounds here in our forest chapel. Last night the northern horizon was peppered with a continuous strobe light show among distant thunderheads, which we watched in awe. But today all is quiet. Except for the crows. And blue jays. And the baby eagle. And the nuthatches. And chickadees. And squalling squirrels. Perhaps it is not so quiet after all.

But such natural woodland sounds are a balm to the spirit. Another reason folks attend church. It is good to hear the comforting refrains of well-loved hymns, the accompaniment of an organ, here produced by breezes through pine boughs. Dignity and serenity are here as well, within the stature of those noble deacons.

Among the other trees, colors are just beginning to paint their leaves, and we know that although serenity reigns this morning, much activity lies ahead for all, particularly for the migrators. But this, too, is as it should be. The children of summer are grown now, or nearly so, and the tasks of adulthood and future generations await. And the Church will be here, a refuge for our woodland congregation and for us as well. All here wish you peace wherever your church or refuge may be. Good Sabbath…

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