New Little Girl In the World

New Little Girl in the World
TODAY THERE IS A NEW LITTLE GIRL IN THE WORLD. And in our extended family. Our great niece, little Grace Marie is born. And though it is sometimes a world of worry and sorrow, it is also a world of wonder and beauty. As it has always been. And it is her world to wrestle with and to love, as fresh and new on this day as she is.

Yesterday I was feeling sad and anxious. Today I feel happy and hopeful. And nothing has changed but a little girl. Nothing has happened but Life. That is why it is so important to Hang In There. To give ourselves, and one another, grace.
Years ago I wrote a song, entitled Sarah’s Prayer, for another brand new little one. This song lyric will soon be published in China, as a beautiful children’s book, reaching a whole new audience of little girls and boys. That makes me happy, too. Happy birthday, little Grace Marie, and welcome to your world.
May your spirit be a free and gentle bird.
May honesty and light guide every word.
May your thoughts stroll from the heavens to the sea,
May the stars reveal their ancient harmony.
May your clouds be just to soften hurt and pain,
May your face be kissed with gentle summer rain.
May the mountains pluck the thunder from your sky,
May a flower grow with every tear you cry.
And everywhere you go, in everyone you know,
Let there be love.
May your windy winter nights be safe and warm,
May the light of reason pierce your darkest storm,
May you know the silent secret of a lake,
May your wisdom grow with every step you take.
May your friends be good and true and always there,
May you always have a happy time to share.
May the hollow hurts of loneliness be few,
And the surprise of understanding always new.
And may the taste of life be always fresh and sweet,
And may kindness flow from everyone you meet…
May the mystery of childhood be your home
As your spirit takes the years of life to roam
And when the hour comes for you to rest
May the love of life be still within your breast.
And everywhere you go, in everyone you know,
Let there be love.
(Sarah’s Prayer, copyright 2008 Douglas Wood)

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