Here At Our Little Piney Church

In our little piney church

IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY MORNING, and scary forces are abroad in the land. And we aren’t talking about Halloween. Liars and the followers of liars stomp around the landscape causing vast amounts of consternation and destruction. Here at the Church o’the Pines we tell the truth. Mostly. Unless it is inadequate for the situation. Once in a while a small particle of innocent exaggeration may creep in, unintended by the parson/caretaker, of course. And crows (The Three Crows who reside and attend services here) are a special case unto themselves. But we love their attitude and the sassy sparkle they provide.

Chickadees are always truthful. And nuthatches. They seem to have not a deceitful bone in their tiny bodies. Sparky the Cardinal, famed church soloist, never hits a wrong note. And the breeze in the pine tops seems to come straight from the Deity himself/herself. It is comforting to stroll around in a world of truths.

I wrote a book some time ago entitled ‘Old Turtle and the Broken Truth.’ It’s a good book. It begins… “Once, in a beautiful, far away land—that was, somehow, not so very far… a land where every stone was a teacher and every breeze a language, every lake a mirror and every tree a ladder to the stars…”

Here at our little piney church, we still feel close to that beautiful land. We appreciate and honor it. Wherever you are we hope you can still see it, too, off in the distance, or under your feet or over your head. And we wish you Good Sabbath!

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