Countless Pathways in Life

Pathway to house - Pathways in life

THERE ARE COUNTLESS pathways in life. And each step we take, intentional or otherwise, leads us further down the path we are on, or towards a fork and yet another choice. For Kathy and me, our paths led to each other and, eventually, down this little lane to an old log cabin in a place we call The Church O’ The Pines. Since our arrival here, there have, of course, been many more paths to travel and explore. But always the little lane to the old cabin called us home. To each other, to the life we had made, to the place we loved.

On Thanksgiving weekend folks travel many miles to go ‘home.’ To be with family and loved ones, or to welcome them back. We were lucky to have our son Bryan and grandchildren here under the pines. And through technology to visit with Eric and Ryan and another grandchild far away. There was a jingle-bells wagon ride with great Percheron horses through the countryside, something my dad, an old farm boy, would have relished. There was the claiming and placing of the season’s Christmas tree. There was a fabulous feast prepared by Kathy. And there was the incomparable warm feeling of being at home, with each other. A very lucky feeling. There was also the feeling of missing so many who could not be with us anymore. But knowing they were somehow there as well.

I often report on the doings of our woodland congregation, but on this Sunday, thought a few words about the Caretakers might be in order. We hope that your weekend was warm and fulfilling wherever it was spent. With loved ones, with fond memories, with good spirit, with the beauty of Nature. And from our humble Church O’ The Pines, we wish you Good Sabbath.

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