Poco – Bad Weather

IN HARD TIMES, FEW THINGS FEEL BETTER THAN GREAT MUSIC. So these days, along with bulletins from the Church O’ The Pines, Wood’s Lore, Ole and Sven, the Bonsai of the Day, and Other Stuff… I am going to also be posting some great music. At least stuff that I think is great. Be warned, my tastes are eclectic!

Back in my college years, I joined a pretty successful, midwestern touring rock and roll band. It was a lot of fun before I had to choose between the road and a pretty girl named Kathy. There was a time when we were trying to define ‘our sound.’ Some of the guys wanted horns and gritty vocals, a la Blood Sweat and Tears. Some wanted to go funky ‘white trash,’ a la Edgar Winter. And some–OK, I–loved a new/old gloriously pure American sound, with the moniker, country rock. This sound later came to be defined by the Eagles and others.

But before the Eagles, there was this band. And there was this song, that I fell in love with. We played it. And I got to play the incredible 12-string guitar break. What a feeling. And if you love pedal steel, played the right way, you will not be disappointed here. I love the title, too… Bad Weather. (PS–I will be posting even more good music on our Douglas Wood/WildSpirit Band FB page.)


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