Old Turtle


by Douglas Wood
illustrated by Cheng-Khee Chee
Scholastic 2007 (reissued)
ISBN: 978-0-4393090-8-0 (hardcover)

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Once, long long ago . . .yet somehow, not so very long…when all the animals and rocks and winds and waters and trees and birds and fish and all the beings of the world could speak…and understand one another…There began…AN ARGUMENT.



International Reading Association’s Children’s Book Award

American Booksellers’ Book of the Year


St. Louis Post Dispatch – “A message of peace that speaks to children and adults, lyrical, exquisite, deceptively simple, Old Turtle is in the tradition of The Little Prince ­ a ‘children’s book’ that adults may find resonates deeply for them as well.”

St. Paul Pioneer Press – “A fable for our time: a moving message of brotherhood ecology, and spirituality.”

Chinaberry Books – “Until the day you have read a book, closed it while still savoring what it offered, then wished you were fortunate enough to know the author as a friend, chances are you haven’t come across that once-in-a-lifetime treat of a one-in-a-million book. Old Turtle is a gem, an exquisite fable told wisely, yet with an innocence and freshness which reach deep into the soul. This extraordinary tale will touch every atom of your heart, leaving you with a smile and with hope.”

Bloomsbury Review – “A stunningly beautiful epiphany of world fellowship and understanding. The message leaps from the page to expand the consciousness of young and old alike.­ A profound, lapidary work.”

The Baltimore Sun – “A spiritual book that wraps the reader in beauty. Even pessimists will close the book with a sense of hope.”

Barnes and Noble Books – “An enchanting fable for children, Old Turtle also speaks to adults and perhaps it is adults who more desperately need to read it. Old Turtle is one of the most needed books-a book you’ll want to read to a child, or with the child in you.”

Publisher’s Weekly – “An eloquent plea for understanding between people and nature, that is both frank and understated an enchanting book”

Kirkus Reviews – “A poetic fable, a handsome, thought-provoking book. Wood’s graceful phrasing and understated irony give his plea unusual power.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune – “The message of Old Turtle is heard in the land, calling the world to its’ best self”

Captain Kangaroo – “For instance, Old Turtle, by Douglas Wood [illustrations by Cheng-Khee Chee], is an awesome book. It takes place back in the times when animals could talk to each other. . . This is the kind of book that could influence young attitudes for a lifetime”.

Tacoma News Tribune – “Douglas Wood’s Old Turtle has hit the children’s book market like Dorothy’s tornado. An environmental parable, Wood’s story is elegant and wry. It carries a powerful message, not a leaden moral.”

Akron Beacon Journal – “An enchanting parable of brotherhood, spirituality and environmental consciousness.”

Cincinnati Enquirer – “Old Turtle is a ‘simple’ book that packs a powerful environmental and spiritual message.”

Salt Lake City Desert News – “Douglas Wood’s Old Turtle is every author’s dream. The book has a life of its own. It sells itself. It is a spiritual story that leads ­ like a Zen Buddhist journey ­ to a place where enlightenment and wholeness await for those who care enough to learn. And it has led Douglas Wood to being one of the most celebrated authors in the land.”