Paddle Whispers


by Douglas Wood
Univ Of Minnesota Press (January 6, 2005)
ISBN: 978-0-8166471-3-2

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    “The sun climbs over the pines. Over the spruces. Over Saganago, Kabetogama, Nistowiak, Namew, Athabaska. And ten thousand other places with no names.  The North Woods calls. The river pulls, the paddle whispers. I listen.  And gradually . . . gradually the mist burns away.”


And so begins a journey ­ not only an exploration of rapids, lakes, and forests, but also an inner journey of discovery. Through poetic text and drawings, woven gracefully with quotes by John Muir, Walking Buffalo, Sigurd F. Olson, Henry David Thoreau, and others, Douglas Wood traces a journey by paddle and canoe that renews the spirit.


Douglas Wood has caught Sigurd Olson’s fire. ­ Les Blacklock

Paddle Whispers is a remarkable book, beautifully describing the inner journey to joy and meaning in nature, and in oneself. I heartily recommend this inspirational guide to a deeper experience of the natural world. ­ Joseph Cornell, author, Sharing Nature With Children