Rainy Day and Night

IT RAINED ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES and is still dripping this morning. But the woods have been dry and the drips are doing a lot of good. Our Church choir does not mind, and in fact, seems to revel in the moisture. It has been many months since the choir loft has been so full of singers, or so many grand hymns sung with such gusto.

The rose-breasted grosbeaks have returned, with their clear, robin-like warbles. The oriole shows off his bright and bold voice and visits the feeder with the grape jelly. The indigo buntings trill arias from the greenery and the little redstarts do as well. Catbird demonstrates his incredible vocal repertoire from the dense thickets. The hummingbirds hum as they flit back and forth across the deck and the yard. And from the deep woods, we hear the indescribable tones and echoes of our favorite singer of all—except for Sparky the Cardinal of course—the wood thrush.

The deer have been strolling into the yard and munching on Kathy’s tender spring flowers. This creates Conflict and Disharmony in the Church.

Wherever your church and whatever your choir, we wish you Harmony and a Good Sabbath.

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