Remote Distance Programs For Audiences

Remote distance program
TO ALL MY TEACHER/EDUCATOR FRIENDS: In the past few weeks I have begun doing remote-distance programs for audiences of both kids and adults–including four today. It has all gone very well and I’ve actually grown to like it. Folks seem to really enjoy seeing and hearing an author in his natural habitat– my office with the log walls, the books and mementos and old stuff from travels and adventures, or in the woods under the pines.
There is not much time left in this school year, but if you might like a program—“EarthSongs, EarthStories,” or “A Writer’s Path” or “Miss Little’s Gift,” feel free to contact me. I will also be offering this virtual format next fall and into the future. It seems that the pandemic, which has hurt in so many ways, has helped to open some doors to new ways of thinking and being and working, which just might remain. I am at
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