Share Books, Readings and Songs

AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES the congregation must fend for themselves this morning—with the help of Caretaker Kathy—as I am tending wayward souls in the wilds of Wisconsin. At Camp Wapogasset to be exact, where I lead discussions and share books and readings and songs, for the participants of Northland Rec Lab, a going concern since the 1930’s. ‘Grandads Prayers of the Earth’ and ‘Old Turtle:Questions of the Heart’ have been featured, along with an epic canoe trip through ‘The Lonely Land.’ Much music is played and much laughter shared, along with arts and crafts and photography class and nature walks in the countryside. There was even a late-night, cut-throat game of dice played in the camp chapel, the local House-of-God. Being myself a parson of a fine church, I pointed out—strenuously—the impropriety and moral dangers of such behavior. But through some combination of wickedness and weak will, I was somehow tempted and coerced into the game. There are even rumors that I won the championship of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and southern North Dakota. I would not believe them if I were you. And such alleged behavior will not be repeated. Unless the stakes go up.

Meanwhile, out on the lake the loons yodel madly, trying, it is said, to call in Spring. They need to yodel louder.

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