AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES, it is a gray, drippy, rainy, foggy, gloomy but otherwise excellent day. Still, the sort of day that indoors is rather appealing. And in the Caretakers’ Cabin indoors is not a bad place to be. Especially this time of year with all of Kathy’s Christmas decorating. One of my favorite things about living in

The Bucolic Scenes

The Bucolic Scenes

THESE BUCOLIC SCENES guide a weary traveler down the narrow lanes to the old cabin-in-the-woods. Also known as the Caretakers’ Cabin for the Chuch O The Pines. It is the scene of some Consternation and Commotion over the last few days, as the furnace went out on Friday night—outside temp about minus 5. But with space heaters, a kitchen oven

Beauty In All Things


AT THE OLD CARETAKERS’ CABIN at the Church O The Pines, the Old Year fittingly bows out with a coating of hoar frost. Time for new days, new dreams, a New Year. But the frost reminds us, there is beauty in all things—old and new, up and down, all around. And a young adopted cat named Koda, child of the