Textile Art Day by Kathy

THE OTHER DAY I posted some photos from the old log cabin with Christmas decorations down and things back to ‘normal.’ I mentioned that soon Kathy would welcome a new decorative day for this time of year—the day when she takes out the old family quilts and hangs them to be admired for a spell. Many readers responded, asking that I please post photos of the quilts when they were displayed. Today is the day. ‘Textile Art Day,’ as Kathy calls it.

For the quilting enthusiasts out there, two of the finest, historical quilts are seen in the first two photos—‘rose star quilts,’ featuring hundreds of perfectly matched stars. Made in the 1860’s by my Great Aunt Mary’s grandmother. They are in perfect condition and extraordinary, and are so lucky to have Kathy—who treasures family traditions—to care for them. The other large, hung quilt, with the flower patterns, was made a bit later by Aunt Mary with her mother, and given to us as a wedding present. It, too, is gorgeous.

As this is most certainly ‘textile art day,’ I have included other items in this gallery as well—a crocheted tablecloth made by Kathy’s grandma in the 1930’s, a little doll-buggy star-quilt (on coffee-table) also made for Kathy by her grandma; and a high-wall framed embroidery made by my Aunt Mary’s Aunt Helen in the 1880’s. Of course, we have ‘textile art’ of lesser ages around the house as well, just to remind us of people we love. It all makes a house—or in this case a cabin—a home.

Good Sabbath from the Caretaker’s Cabin at the Church O’ The Pines.

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