The Luxuriant Kiwi Vine

Kiwi Vine

TODAY THE LUXURIANT KIWI VINE on the north cabin wall got a major trimming. You can tell, can’t you? I didn’t think so. This is where Sparky the Cardinal and a family of chickadees make their winter homes. So—an important spot. Reason for the pruning? Today the new windows Kathy reserved months ago get installed in several parts of the cabin, including those ‘French doors’ up top. So, open space must be had. The new, energy efficient windows—not my idea. I’m happy with the old, 1930’s ones. And the frost, and the drafts. But then, Kathy says I’d still be happy living in a tent. Not true. I like having a hard roof and a soft bed, and heat in the winter. But that’s about the end of my needs for upgrades. The new windows will be nice, though. I guess. Not so sure about Sparky and the chickadees, though.

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