The Man Took The Broken Truth

THINKING ON THE despicable ‘replacement theory’, first sprouted amongst Neo-Nazi, racist, and white-supremacist outlets, now going ‘mainstream’ and promulgated by Fox News and various Republican figures… and the clear motivation for the Buffalo mass shooting…

From my book, ‘Old Turtle and the Broken Truth’…

“The man took the broken truth to his people—those who lived with him, who spoke as he spoke and dressed as he dressed and whose faces looked like his. And together they cherished their newfound truth and believed in it. They hugged it to themselves and it became their most important possession.

After a while, the man and his people did not hear the language of breezes and stones anymore, but heard only their truth. They did not see the mirrored beauty of the lakes or the ladders to the stars, but saw only their sparkling truth. And for them, it was enough. And they called it The Truth.

The Truth made the people feel good and proud and strong. But soon they also began to feel fear and anger toward those who were not like themselves and did not share their truth. The other beings and other people of the lovely land seemed less and less important. And the language of the breezes was hardly ever heard anymore.

Time passed, and other people said, “We must have this Great Truth for ourselves, for with it comes happiness and power.” Many battles were fought and the broken truth was won and lost, won and lost, over and over again.… The stones and trees suffered. The breezes and waters suffered. And the animals, and the earth. And most of all, the people suffered.

Finally, the animals went to Old Turtle, ancient and wise as the hills themselves…. “This truth the people quarrel over,” they said, “we have all held it ourselves. It is broken and does not work. Please tell the people.”

“I am sorry,” answered Old Turtle, “but the people will not listen. They are not yet ready.” And the suffering continued. ‘

And still today, in the world outside the book, in the lovely land called America, still the people will not listen. And the liars shout from the rooftops and raise their fists and count their money, and pride themselves on their television ‘ratings’ and social media clicks. And the stupid and the gullible and the hateful drink it all in…

And still… the suffering continues.

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