The Opossum

TODAY AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES, as the temperature climbs, one of our infrequently seen congregation members makes a welcome appearance. The opossum has a hard time dealing with the harsh realities of a Minnesota winter—perhaps not unlike human beings who now endure a national climate in which kindness, decency, and honesty have been replaced by bitter winds of corruption, lies, and violence. It is a harsh and discouraging climate indeed, celebrated only by those poisoned and animated by grievance and propaganda.

Our opossum has made it through a long, cold winter. We suspect he has been living under the snow-covered deck, a sheltered cave of relative safety and comfort. Our Forest Kitten Koda disappears under the deck himself for an hour or more at a time, and we imagine he spends time with friend ‘Possum. What they discuss or ponder we do not know. Perhaps it is just pleasant to pass the time with a fellow Forest dweller. We doubt they have any serious disagreements regarding the simple and commonly accepted verities of life. It is surely good to simply experience such a common bond, true of all our humble congregation.

One wishes that a similar respect for daily truths and shared experience could once again permeate our national discourse. For Brother ‘Possum and all our forest friends, spring is coming. It’s been a long wait. For we human creatures, the atmosphere remains cold and bitter, poisoned by liars and propagandists. It’s an atmosphere many of our fellow citizens choose, and help to create, and enjoy breathing. Among them, there seems to be no shared longing for sunlight, for clarity and warmth. I think they need to make friends with an opossum. Or a kitten. Or the sunshine of truth.

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