The Oriole and The Eagle


Today we awaken back in the Pine Point woods—the Church O’ The Pines—after a week leading Road Scholars through the bluffs and valleys of SE Minnesota. In exploring the great Mississippi flyway we encountered scores of bird species, vast numbers of warblers, including the ever-sought Prothonotary—or the Swamp Candle, as I like to call it. We saw Peregrine Falcons and soaring Turkey Vultures, and beauties like the Scarlet Tanager, glowing in a sunbeam. Indigo Buntings and Eastern Towhees, Catbirds and Lark Sparrows, and many more. All brightened our journey. A fine adventure.

But stepping out the door of the old 1930’s cabin, looking up at the pines, the first two sounds I hear are our local Baltimore Oriole and our nesting Bald Eagles, and as the glorious Wood Thrush adds his song from the forest, and Sparky the Cardinal joins in, I realize the adventure continues, always continues, for it is All One Trip. And one adventure. And it is good to be home.

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