The Pines Whisper

AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES, there is an insistent whispering and shushing in the pine tops, under a gathering overcast. The wind is restless, and the woods seem to be in a waiting, anticipatory mood. The blue jays are restless, too, and in full cry at the slightest disturbance. Other birds and congregation members are more quiet, gathering food at the feeders, going about their business.

We do not have their ability to sense and respond to the slightest variation in humidity, wind direction, barometric pressure. Or if we once did have such awareness, much has been lost or atrophied over the centuries. But the weatherman with his science says that a big snowstorm is coming, and with the signs in the woods we tend to believe it. This seems likely to be more than the average storm of the century that arrives every month or so, but we will see. 12-18 inches are forecast for our neighborhood. Meanwhile, the Church members respond to their own innate knowledge, and we trust them.

So the pines whisper. The jays holler. The snow blower has been checked and filled up. The cabin roof is clear. The birds are fed. And we will see what the coming days may bring. Meanwhile it is a good day at our little woodland chapel, and we wish you Good Sabbath wherever you may be.

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