The Publication In China

Publication in China - Chinese Friends photo
I AM EXCITED TO SAY THAT THIS WEEK MARKS THE PUBLICATION in China of the first of our several Douglas Wood/King-in Publishing projects. In these photos are some of my wonderful Chinese friends who are making this possible, photos from my China tour of 2019. The publisher, Mr. Ao. His right-hand Assistant Lucia, Assistant/ Tour Manager Yunjia Hai, and Marketing Manager Jade-and-Beauty. Also my brother Bruce, who generously gave two weeks of his time to accompany me on what initially seemed a bit of a daunting undertaking.

It turned out not to be so daunting, but instead warm and welcoming and deeply affirming, with plans ultimately laid for new books and music projects from across the Pacific. The first of these, ‘Nature’s Prescriptions,’ a lovely boxed set based on my ‘Wisdom of Nature’ series, comes out this week. In China!! I am grateful for this new adventure and the opportunities it represents. And as we look ahead it’s a good time to look back, to think of my friends and to see their smiling faces. Such fun.
Publication in China - Chinese Friends photo3 Publication in China - Chinese Friends photo4 Publication in China - Chinese Friends photo1

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