Thinking About Love

Let There Be Love

TONIGHT I AM THINKING ABOUT LOVE. Over the last half-dozen years, it seemed a tidal wave of acrimony, dishonesty, and cruelty swept over this country. For those of us of a certain delicate disposition—sometimes called ‘snowflakes,’ we discovered—it became necessary to sometimes be fierce. To be strong. To protect or defend the people, ideals, creatures and places and institutions we love. Then we were called ‘haters.’

Neither snowflakes nor haters, we were normal human beings defending what we love, perhaps defending the existence of love itself. The acrid tide is not gone. But perhaps, after last week’s momentous events, it has turned, and maybe crested. There is much hard paddling ahead, but I never minded that.

Many years ago, I wrote a song for a newborn girl named Sarah. I called it ‘Sarah’s Prayer.’ I have recorded it and performed it many times. And many others have sung it over the years for weddings, christenings, graduations, bar mitzvahs, funerals, and most any occasion where love is sought, or found, or cherished. Sometimes I have called the song, ‘Let There Be Love.’ A few times I tried to get it published as a children’s picture book. But it never happened.

Now my friends in China have published Sarah’s Prayer (Let There Be Love) with glorious paintings by my American friend, Wendy Popp, who also illustrated my ‘Where The Sunrise Begins.’ I am so happy to see it so beautifully realized, with Chinese calligraphy adding even more to the beauty. We see through Wendy’s artistry all manner of love, between a mother elephant and her baby, whales, sea turtles, cardinals, and the overarching, unspoken love one may have—whether child or adult—of all things beautiful, and good, and natural.

This coming Saturday, November 19, I will be singing Sarah’s Prayer and other songs as I celebrate the publication of another book about love—‘I Love You Little, I Love You Lots’—at two signing events: Barnes and Noble in St Cloud at 11:30 am and Pligrim House Unitarian Church in Arden Hills at 4:30. Can’t wait.

It is a good time to think about love. It always is, of course.

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