Thoughts the Book ‘Things Trees Know’

WOOD’S LORE: STAYING WITH THE RECENT THEME OF OUR FRIENDS THE TREES, here are some thoughts from my book, ‘Things Trees Know.’ Of all the teachers I have known, I have found none greater than trees. Having a rough time? Trouble coping with all that Life’s throwing at you? Storms, drought, hardship, loss? Need a little inspiration? Some advice? Go sit under a tree. An old one, gnarled, with missing limbs, twists, turns, and knotholes.

Still haven’t got it? Sit some more. Lay your head against a great root and fall asleep—to the lullaby of wind through leaves or needles. Wake up to the sight of blue sky—or clouds or sun or moon—through a tracery of branches.

If your troubles remain, try the same thing tomorrow, and as often as you can. You will find a generous helping of wisdom, and of peace…

Here are some things that trees know, and can tell you if you listen: When life is hard and you’re not sure what to do, reach. Reach for the light, reach for where you’re rooted. Survive and endure. Grow. Through whatever hardship comes your way. Stay rooted and strive. Even if you never grasp your goals (what tree actually reaches the distant sun?) you will find something greater—your true self. You will fulfill yourself and somehow add something of beauty and value to the world.

(Text and Art from Things Trees Know, Douglas Wood, Adventure-Keen Publishing)

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