To Wander the Woods

to wander the woods

THE CHURCH O THE PINES forest is, as one might guess, mostly pines. And I love them. But not far away is a maple woods I also love to walk, especially in autumn. This fall I was a little late to catch the brilliant colors, but a stroll was still grand, every scene a Minnesota postcard from the land of leaves. At the edge of the woods is a place where ‘if you build it they will come’—a rural baseball diamond. Silent and iconic in the late light, and a wordless statement in its own empty way about the end of summer and the turning of the seasons, and the seasons of a life. And I was indeed glad I had come. But I would come even without the ball field. Just to wander the woods and kick the leaves, soaking up the last colors and admiring the beauty of the earth. Good sabbath from the maple woods, and of course, the Church O The Pines.

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