SO UP THE NORTH SHORE we went, on our Road Scholar expedition, making favorite stops, doing favorite hikes. Gooseberry Falls, Split Rock Lighthouse, Tettegouch, Shovel Point. But when it drew near time for dinner—at one of my favorite haunts—The Northwoods Family Grill in Silver Bay—the call came on my cell phone. Both our cooks are out, we can’t serve you, said owner Everett. But we love your groups and we’ll find something for you!
Oh-kayyy. But places that can serve 16 at the drop of a hat in the back woods are few and far between. Then came the follow-up call. “They’ll be happy serve you at “Our Place” in Finland, MN up Highway One.” And so we found it, this little log cabin corner, a spot I have doubtless driven by many times, without really noticing.
Wow! The moose antler/diamond willow chandelier over the pool table is probably worth the price of admission by itself. And this is the first Monday they’ve been open since Covid started.
Lucky. How North Woodsy can you get—and the food and service?—great! And to top it all off—a mystery animal. See last picture. Can you name it???

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