Warm and Breezy Summer Morning

ON A WARM AND BREEZY SUMMER MORNING, we have had a hard time getting off the deck under the big pines and moving on with the day. Each time we stir a new bird or critter comes by to entertain and delight us. Chipmunk is here, scampering back and forth, while the red and gray squirrels bound through the yard. The goldfinches drop-in, conversing in their sweet, confiding voices. The great crested flycatcher shouts from the top of an oak. All our 4 species of woodpeckers visit the suet feeders, with the broad-shouldered pileateds laughing uproariously at some private joke. The blue jays make themselves heard as always, as do the gleaming, black-suited crows. Oriole sings all bright and brassy from the grape jelly feeder, while our ruby-throated hummingbirds visit their stations and hum happily. Meanwhile, Caretakers must eventually arise and move on to other things (the writing of the next book perhaps?) but then the wood thrush begins singing so beautifully from the shade that another 5 minutes are lost. Or more. Darn.

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