WEDNESDAY at the old Church O The Pines

IT IS WEDNESDAY at the old Church O The Pines, and as everyone knows, Wednesday is church choir day. And so, with the return of many winter-travelers, there is much singing and caroling and hymn-making. The Baltimore oriole, in his orange and black robes, sings boldly from many a branch. The grey catbird trills and warbles endlessly from the shoreline. A rose-breasted grosbeak sings from the woods, yellow-rumps twitter from the shrubs, the hummingbird drops by, and Sparky the Cardinal, ever jealous of his featured soloist status, proclaims and proclaims in his loudest town-crier voice. But today, as happens every May, Sparky has a challenger. From deep in the shadowy woods, a wood thrush sings and echoes in heavenly tones, and all pause for a moment to soak up the beauty. All except Sparky, of course.

Meanwhile, with all this outdoor activity, Orchid Corner in the cabin is still going strong. And Kathy’s fabulous amaryllis, which bloomed just a month ago, is at it again, with four brilliant new blossoms. As bright orange as the oriole. It is a fine spring day, and in spite of the troubles of the world, one must never take a spring day for granted.

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