When you are in love with a place

WHEN YOU ARE IN LOVE with a place, you are in love with all the times and people, creatures and plants and stones, all the history and memories that make it unique and treasured. That make it your place, of all the places in all the world. The place where memories and dreams, laughter and tears and unspoken feelings come together. And still reside. When you love a place—a Fawn Island or a Pine Point, a Canoe Country, a Mississippi River, a Minnesota—there is no other place to go, where the grass is greener or the dreams are better. Where would you find whatever it is that you need, if not in the place, and with the people—some still beside you and some passed away but still within you—that you love? What else is there to seek? But love. And place. The sound of waves on a familiar shore, of breezes among familiar trees. The soft echoing of familiar voices. The feeling of belonging. And the sense of home.

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