Who Remain Steadfastly Bright-Eyed

HERE AT THE GRAND ESTATE FONDLY KNOWN AS THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, home to Old Turtle and other literary figures, it is a misty, moisty Sunday. The temperature has swung wildly between about 48 and 52 degrees, the sky varying between gray and very gray. Such meteorological challenges (actually, we have seen no meteors) seem to have no effect on our congregation, who remain steadfastly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Steadfastness is Indeed one of our congregation’s great qualities, and is much appreciated by the Caretakers. On any and every day, we can step out of doors and be surrounded by good tidings and pleasant greetings—which, of course, is one of the signature characteristics of a good church. Yes, the blue jays gossip a good deal, telling everything about everyone in the woods, and making up stuff for good measure. But this is just their nature and is taken in stride. We are not seeing the woodchucks anymore, and believe they have gone to ground. We spotted our last little hummingbird two days ago and that may be the last we see of them until next spring. We wish them bon voyage and safe travels on their incredible journey. Haven’t seen the chipmunks for a few days now, either. Other summer friends are taking off or just passing through and we shall miss them all. But the woods shall remain, steadfast, and the congregation, though smaller and a little quieter, will be faithful as ever. Good Sabbath to you!

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