My Uncle Wilbur

Douglas Wood with uncle Wilbur - The veteran

MY UNCLE WILBUR WAS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. A multiply decorated WW2 veteran, with extraordinary service at Monte Cassini and Anzio, he was a small, lively man with a warm heart and a great sense of humor, who loved to tease. And to fish. When he passed away some years ago his son Terry and I placed a small plaque on a great tree near his favorite fishing hole somewhere in Voyageurs National Park. When cousin Terry and his family came to visit last week, he asked that we go and find that plaque. We found it. Terry said that although his dad is buried far away, he believes his spirit is here.

Fishing holes are like that. And great trees and groves and boulders and overlooks and all kinds of favorite places. Perhaps when we are gone, some of the love and enjoyment and deep feeling we experienced there lingers on, infusing them with even more spirit, more beauty and significance.
Rest in peace, Uncle Wilbur. You are remembered and loved.

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