A Trail Verged with Ferns

ON A LOVELY MAY DAY, it is a pleasure to wander a trail verged with ferns. Here at the Church O The Pines we walk among the graceful, arched Ostrich Ferns, delicate Lady Ferns, sweet Sensitive Ferns and the modest Wood Fern. Along the way, it is good to kneel down for a peek at Jack-in-the-Pulpit as well. It has been a long time coming, all this green.

My favorite quote on the subject of ferns is from Henry David Thoreau: “If we were required to know the position of the fruit dots or the character of the endusium, nothing could be easier to ascertain, but if it is required that you be AFFECTED by ferns, that they amount to anything, signify anything to you, that they be another sacred scripture and revelation to you, help you to redeem your life, this end is not so easily accomplished.”

Ah, exactly, Henry. Exactly.

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