AFTER A WEEK of travels and adventures

AFTER A WEEK of travels and adventures, it is a very bonsai morning here at the Church O The Pines cabin. And I am enjoying a few quiet moments with this little favorite. (Well, they’re all favorites). This one happens to be a white cedar, very similar to the beautiful trees we see along the rocky shores in northern Minnesota and all over the Canadian Shield. It reminds me of those old friends. It has needed very little in the way of shaping or trimming, expressing itself naturally in lovely little terraces of fronded foliage. I sometimes take a tiny pinch and roll it between my fingers and the fragrance instantly transports me to the North Woods. This tree also has a nice triple trunk, very much in keeping with the growth pattern of wild trees. I can imagine a miniature version of myself lounging against this tree, or its companion boulder, canoe pulled up on the shore. Perhaps I’ll even decide to pitch a tent… This morning there are two broadwing hawks circling and keening just above, another touch of wild nature.

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