SUNDAY IS a good day to care for bonsais

SUNDAY IS a good day to care for bonsais. Perhaps to admire them from my Grandad’s old green-painted Adirondack chair, over 60 years old. This little tree, in a semi-windswept style, reminds me to bend with the winds and storms of life. That being ‘big’ isn’t the most important thing. That being your truest, best self is a good definition


EVERY BONSAI, like every person, has its own character and personality. This little boxwood, only nine inches tall, conveys strength and balance; and almost pulls off the illusion of a mighty deciduous tree—an oak perhaps—on a green hilltop.

Bonsais Don’t Mind the Heat

AS LONG AS they have water, and dappled afternoon shade, my bonsais do not seem to mind the extreme heat. Wish I could say the same…

Bonsai Personality

EVERY BONSAI has its own personality, its own character. This character is revealed—and created—by the care it receives—the water and light, the nurturing, pruning, and shaping. Human beings, of course, are exactly the same. “As the twig is bent…” This combination of nature and nurture, of freedom and intent, of extrinsic and intrinsic, is one of the fascinating things about

Growing Bonsais

AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES, surrounded by so many glorious trees, it may seem odd to spend so much time and trouble on little trees in pots. Bonsais. But if you love trees, you love trees. And the process of helping them to grow—protecting, nurturing, shaping them—is richly rewarding. Although larger scale forestry is certainly rewarding too, it cannot