ALL THE MEMBERS of the Church O’ The Pines

ALL THE MEMBERS of the Church O’ The Pines were excited this week, as temperatures soared and spring breezes blew. The eagles chirped loudly from their nest tree, and chickadees sang their two-note, ‘Spring’s here’ mating song. Down at the river bank, male hooded mergansers practiced their sweet little growling sounds to attract the attention of impressionable females. Sparky the Cardinal sang from the top of every tree in the forest, declaring each one to be his. And the parson/caretaker even got the canoe and motorcycle out.
Then reality hit. The temperature this morning is twenty and with a north wind it feels like six. Six is not a lot. And the blue canoe resting by the riverbank looks a little bit silly. But the congregation perseveres and does not lose hope, though March is a month that can test the faith and hope of saints. No saints here. But everyone has their saintly moments, and each does his or her best to add a little more life and beauty to the world. Which is as fine an aspiration as any. And we know those spring breezes will return, and with them balmy temperatures. And we will wander the woods looking for those first bouquets of bloodroot, hepatica, trout lily, and trillium, while listening to babies in nests screaming for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And snacks. Busy moms and dads may even recall the relatively quieter days of March, and sigh. But for now, all here at the Church O’The Pines simply wish you Good Sabbath!

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