Today is a Big Day

TODAY WAS A BIG DAY at the Church O’ The Pines along the Father of Waters. The day the church moat (Mississippi River) opened up a lead along the far shore and began to give way to spring. So far it’s a gentle opening with no ice jam or flooding. But that is still an open question. Still, a big

My Favorite Wildflower

pale pink corydalis

THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING and we are reminded of renewal. Of a green and living world. Of softness more than harshness. Of the flow of things rather than the locking down of things. Of returns and cycles and aspiring growth. Although here in the North these things have not yet arrived upon the landscape, they are on their way,

The Sun Rises on Another Winter Day

Spring’s here

AT THE CHURCH O THE PINES the sun rises on another winter day. But change is in the air. Although the church moat (Mississippi River) is still frozen, the eagle pair has remodeled their nest and eggs are being tended. The music of geese and swans echoes through the river valley. The sun climbs a little higher each day and