Poco – Bad Weather

IN HARD TIMES, FEW THINGS FEEL BETTER THAN GREAT MUSIC. So these days, along with bulletins from the Church O’ The Pines, Wood’s Lore, Ole and Sven, the Bonsai of the Day, and Other Stuff…

Key Largo Club

IN THIS STRESSFUL TIME, we are told that to maintain our stability and mental health, we need to act—to DO the things we can do.

The Church Caretaker

EACH MORNING I WAKE UP WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE. AFTER ABOUT 5 SECONDS THE SMILE GOES AWAY AND I BEGIN TO FEEL DEPRESSED, AS I REMEMBER. I remember all the things I cannot do, all the places I cannot go, all the people I cannot see.

A Tiny Chapel

AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, WE HAVE A TINY CHAPEL. An anteroom, a meditation room, or study, if you will, where one can, well, meditate or study.

The Father of Waters

OUT ON THE FATHER OF WATERS for the first paddle of the year. Skirting the ice shelves, dodging a few ‘bergs,’ unintentionally scaring the Bluebills and Goldeneyes, listening to the whistle of their wings.

A Good Day to be Alive

HERE AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, IT IS NOT ENTIRELY CLEAR THAT ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE CONGREGATION distinguish the Sabbath Day from other days. They seem to treat pretty much every day as simply a Good Day to be alive. In that spirit, we post this Church Bulletin on a Thursday and hope that you, our adjunct congregation,

Caretakers’ Cabin

HERE AT THE CARETAKERS’ CABIN AT THE CHURCH ‘O THE PINES, also known as the Log Cabin Piano Studio, things carry on. But the details are a bit different.

A Wild Path: An Essay Collection

THESE DAYS I AM WORKING ON A NEW BOOK. AN ESSAY COLLECTION FOR ADULTS ENTITLED “A WILD PATH,” it’s a little over half-done. Similar in style and substance to my 2017 memoir, “Deep Woods, Wild Waters” it will contain many an outdoor story. I don’t usually do this, and my publisher would probably not be thrilled, but I thought this

Migrating Goldeneye Ducks

SO ENTRANCED WAS I BY THE BEAUTY OF THE MIGRATING GOLDENEYE DUCKS ON OUR MISSISSIPPI today, that I went down and caught one and brought it up to the office.