Deep Woods Wild Waters: An Excerpt

ON THIS MORNING I AM THINKING ABOUT THE CHALLENGES WE FACE, the many challenges we have faced in the past. I am thinking about our families and our ancestors and our country, and all we have been through.

A Grateful Story

I am feeling grateful this morning. A Facebook friend, Douglas Mayo, included this clip in his comment on my earlier post, featuring the lyrics to Boone and Erickson’s “Good Morning” song.

Bonsai Corner at the Church O’ the Pines

FROM BONSAI CORNER at the Church O’ The Pines, where out the window the jaybirds and Sparky the Cardinal and the eagles are all hollering, and little Simon the Cat strolls the deck, and where the first open water lead has appeared across the river, and the geese are gabbling and gossiping… Good morning! Good morning! It’s grand to be

Church O’ the Pines Book

CHURCH O’ THE PINES: QUESTION… Hi Friends—Over the past year or two, many folks have inquired about the possibility of a book on the Church O’ The Pines. After the success of last year’s ‘Mucky Muck’ book, it is quite do-able.

Cold Sabbath Day at the Church O’ The Pines

HERE AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES IT IS COLD. The sunshine and increasing daylight hours say Spring, but the air temperature insists on arguing. The Father of Waters is still ice-locked.

From the Log Cabin Studio

TODAY AT THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, Kathy had her ‘Play-Day’ piano recital for her kids. It likely will be the last group piano event she has for a while.


WE AMERICANS HAVE DEALT WITH AND OVERCOME A LOT in 240 years of reaching for dreams, fighting battles, righting our own wrongs, surviving disasters, striving to become a ‘more perfect union.’

Our Simon is Back

OUR LITTLE CAT, SIMON, HAS SPRING FEVER. This is of particular interest to us because a little less than a year ago, on Easter, his big brother Scooter died. Scooter-bug was our big personality, our constant buddy, and Simon had never known life without him.

Daylight Savings’ Sunlight

THIS MORNING AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, the ‘daylight savings’ sunlight streams through the stained glass windows. It illuminates the aisles and pews and the entire sanctuary.

Little Juniper

BONSAI OF THE DAY: Bonsai trees are meant to evoke grace and simplicity, peace, and balance. They are also living works of art that, in miniature, represent some of the characteristics of their brothers and sisters, the ‘big trees.’