Bonsai of the Day

MANY OF YOU READERS KNOW OF MY GREAT FONDNESS FOR TREES. Lately, I have even returned to a hobby of 25 years ago, caring for bonsai trees.

Excerpt From Fawn Island

Today’s Wood’s Lore speaks to being who you are and belonging to where you are. It’s about an aged little Jack Pine on a rocky point in Rainy Lake. Excerpt from my book, Fawn Island…

Wilderness Expeditions of the Past

IT’S LATE FEBRUARY, Groundhogs Day and Valentine’s are in the rearview mirror, the sun is getting high and the days are getting longer. So naturally, a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of…canoes! Wilderness expeditions of the past and new adventures planned for the coming summer. The Mississippi along the front yard is still ice-covered, but it won’t be long

Old Turtle and I

GOING THROUGH MY MOTHER’S MANY BOXES of things, I have spent a good part of today sorting through newspaper clippings and reviews that she saved. Wow.

More Wit and Wisdom

MORE WIT AND WISDOM FROM THE PIANO STUDIO OF MY MOTHER, Joyce Wood. Mother passed away 2 years ago and I miss her daily, but it is fun to share the notes she saved of her interactions with students.

Wit and Wisdom from Joyce Wood

IT IS A GOOD DAY FOR MORE WIT AND WISDOM FROM THE PIANO STUDIO OF MY MOTHER, Joyce Wood. It is a good day because this past weekend Kathy (who now teaches on Joyce’s Steinway in the Log Cabin Studio) had 10 students entered in the annual National Federation of Music Clubs festival/contest. ALL TEN received top, ‘superior’ ratings.

Gospel of Rocks

SOMETIMES, WHEN LIFE IS DIFFICULT OR TIMES ARE VERY CHALLENGING, or the wind seems steadily against you, perspective is a helpful thing.

Lake Home And Cabin Show

EVERY WINTER KATHY LOOKS FORWARD to attending the Lake Home And Cabin Show, as we own two cabins on two different bodies of water.

Things Trees Know

SOMETIMES, IN A TIME OF TRAGEDY OR ANGUISH—personal or familial or national—the most that one can accomplish is to carry on, to persevere, to endure.

Wood’s Lore

Hi Everybody! I have so many wonderful Facebook friends and followers, and I enjoy staying in touch with you all. So I have been thinking about another way to do so.