An Exciting Day in the Pine Point Woods

IT IS A VERY BIG AND EXCITING DAY IN THE PINE POINT WOODS. This morning much screeching and caterwauling came from the eagles’ nest about 150 feet from the cabin.

Jubilee Day

TODAY IS ‘JUNETEENTH,’ also known as Freedom Day or Jubilee Day. It is the day in 1865 that, two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation had freed African American slaves in the Confederate states, they were finally, officially proclaimed to be free in the last and most remote slave state, Texas. Its meaning is therefore powerful.

Warm and Breezy Summer Morning

ON A WARM AND BREEZY SUMMER MORNING, we have had a hard time getting off the deck under the big pines and moving on with the day. Each time we stir a new bird or critter comes by to entertain and delight us.

Books are All Out!

WELL, THE BOOKS ARE ALL OUT! SHIPPED!! GONE!!! WHOOPPEE!!!! The demand took off even faster than expected. Thanks so much for the great response and interest.

The Books are Here!

TO ALL FANS AND AND VIRTUAL MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES: The books are here! Thanks so much for your patience—they will start going out today.

Denominations of The Island

WE ARE AWAY FROM THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES for a few days as we visit the Denominations Of The Island. Loon is here, singing the praises of northern lakes.

The Log

IN THE WOOD-SPLITTING AREA on Fawn Island rests an old log that was here when we arrived—hired by the local loons and white-throated sparrows as Caretakers—a quarter-century ago.

No One But You

THROUGH THE MAGIC OF THE DIGITAL WORLD, I have a new friend in Northern Ontario.

Kathy’s Garden

AT THE OLD PINE POINT CABIN, Kathy’s gardens are thriving. The bleeding hearts have escaped captivity, have leaped over the stone wall, and are dashing into the forest, with bumblebees in hot pursuit.