Lake Home And Cabin Show

EVERY WINTER KATHY LOOKS FORWARD to attending the Lake Home And Cabin Show, as we own two cabins on two different bodies of water.

Things Trees Know

SOMETIMES, IN A TIME OF TRAGEDY OR ANGUISH—personal or familial or national—the most that one can accomplish is to carry on, to persevere, to endure.

Wood’s Lore

Hi Everybody! I have so many wonderful Facebook friends and followers, and I enjoy staying in touch with you all. So I have been thinking about another way to do so.

North Woods Trip

ABOUT 1.1 BILLION YEARS AGO NORTH AMERICA TRIED TO SPLIT IN TWO. The split failed but left behind a great rift or chasm of boiling igneous rock, which extruded to the surface.

Groundhog Day

IT IS A FINE AND EXCELLENT MORNING AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES. The sun comes up over the edge of the earth as it has every morning for about 4.5 billion years.

Memories from Little Pink Notebook

MY BEAUTIFUL MOTHER JOYCE passed away two years ago on this day. In her honor and memory here are a couple more entries she saved in a little pink notebook, funny things her piano students said or did during her seven decades as a fabulous teacher:

Welcoming an Infrequent Church Member

TODAY THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES IS ONCE AGAIN GRAY and overcast. But temperatures are mild and welcoming out in the church aisles among the pines. And the congregation is active.

Snowshoe Hike

A FINE IF BLUSTERY DAY FOR A SNOWSHOE HIKE through the grounds of the Church O’ The Pines. Always something to see or hear or notice for the first time. I made these snowshoes about 40 years ago…

A Wild Path


The Fab Four Did Not Disappoint

KATHY AND I HAD ONE OF THE MOST FUN AND ENJOYABLE NIGHTS in a long time tonight, as we braved the snowy, windy roads to the State Theater in Minneapolis, to take a ride on a time machine.