THE GREAT MUCKY MUCK was down on his luck Besides just being a jerk and a schmuck Besides wearing a poor deceased cat on his head Besides being stupid and mostly brain-dead No, these were all problems of fairly long standing, Part of his schtick and part of his branding, Part of what made him so doggoned adorable To all

Silly Saturday on Fawn Island

AND SO, on Fawn Island, it is Silly Saturday, and time to smile at the happy fact of humor in this world. Here you go, from my 9-year-old grandson and me. And you’re welcome! Q: What do you call an elephant that just doesn’t matter? A: An irrelephant. Q: Why can’t you hear a Pterodactyl go to the bathroom? A:

The extraordinary person at the heart

Big star - extraordinary person at the heart

APPROXIMATELY 2021 YEARS AGO an infant was born (skeptics who doubt that he ever really existed advance a weak case, with more faith in skepticism itself than in evidence) likely in a cave-like space under a simple stone dwelling, to an unwed, teen-aged mother, delivered into poverty in a troubled corner of the world. About 33 years later he died,

A brand new DW book will be published in China

ON THIS SOLSTICE, it is perhaps a good time to reflect upon the dearest wishes we have for one another, on our next journey around the sun. In the spring, a brand new DW book will be published in China–our next door neighbors around the world. The book, with exquisite illustrations by Wendy Popp, is a new manifestation of an

My wife-by-marriage she is of Polish ancestry

Sweet delicies - she is of Polish ancestry

KATHY, my wife-by-marriage, had the maiden name Sokolowski when I tumbled for her in college. Prettiest name I ever heard. As you might guess, she is of Polish ancestry. And for decades, every Christmas at her family’s farm home we were treated to a variety of traditional Polish delicacies, much to her dad’s delight. It has been a while now

Bryan As Executive Director of Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center

KATHY AND I ARE ALWAYS proud of our two sons. And they do and are many things to make us proud. Today we are feeling extra proud of younger son, Bryan. As Executive Director of Osprey Wilds Environmental Learning Center, he has guided the non-profit Center for most of the past decade. None of the years have been more challenging

Minnesota’s Great Mandolin Master

AS POSTED YESTERDAY, MINNESOTA’S GREAT MANDOLIN MASTER and composer Peter Ostroushko has passed away. In June of 2019 a group of wonderful musicians donated their time and talents to a fund-raiser for Peter and Marge. At the end of the concert a number of folks took the stage to close out the evening with Peter’s exquisite “Heart Of The Heartland.”

My Mother “Joyce Wood” Wit and Wisdom

MY MOTHER, JOYCE WOOD, TAUGHT PIANO LESSONS FOR SEVENTY-TWO YEARS STRAIGHT. In a row. With no years off. You get the idea. A great teacher. She passed away three years ago, and I’ve shared some of her wit and wisdom here before. Following is a document that will sound familiar to every teacher of any subject, although the details are