MAN IS WHOLE when he is in tune with the winds

“MAN IS WHOLE when he is in tune with the winds, the stars, and the hills… Being in tune with the universe is the entire secret.” Justice William O. Douglas
As I look around me, I see the sapphire blue of sky and a sparkling lake, the green shades of trees, the swooping arcs of gulls, and the clean hardness of rocks. And I sense that only in opening my eyes wide enough to see that the world is a living poem and not dead matter, can I begin to know reality. Then I can embrace a real and natural world that embraces me. And perhaps our salvation ultimately lies less in technology than in the simplicity of that timeless embrace—pondering a sunset, smelling a flower, planting a tree, beholding all of life with wonder and reverence.
From my book Paddle Whispers.

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