OF ALL THE TEACHERS I have known, I have found none greater than trees. So many teachers and teachings have enriched my life that I wrote a book about them, accompanied by drawings of favorite scenes. A few of the things trees can teach us: Reach for the light. Grow from the bottom up, and from the inside out. Be


WHEN I WAS A BOY, every summer had a 2 week slice of heaven built into it. That was the time our entire family gathered in a cabin on the shores of a beautiful northern Minnesota lake called Kabetogama. Time away from important jobs and studies and school and stuff that I hated, and close to lakes and loons and

TODAY I SPENT the day at the Twin Cities Young Authors Conference

TODAY I SPENT the day at the Twin Cities Young Authors Conference (YAC) on the beautiful campus of Bethel University. About 500 middle school students especially interested in writing are bused from all over the metro area to spend time with professional authors, get tips on the writing process, and simply get inspired. I’ve been invited many times and it’s

MAN IS WHOLE when he is in tune with the winds

“MAN IS WHOLE when he is in tune with the winds, the stars, and the hills… Being in tune with the universe is the entire secret.” Justice William O. Douglas As I look around me, I see the sapphire blue of sky and a sparkling lake, the green shades of trees, the swooping arcs of gulls, and the clean hardness


THE LETTER THAT CHANGED MY LIFE, and the next step… Today I am feeling grateful. Tidying up a storage area in the cabin, sorting through materials from my 12 years as president of the Listening Point Foundation, I was powerfully reminded of the profound effect that beloved North Country author Sigurd Olson had on my life. That connection began with

A Wild Path Upcoming Release

HI EVERYONE: I am growing more and more excited about the upcoming release of my new book, ‘A Wild Path.’ One of the most gratifying things is to see the very generous words of praise it continues to receive. Last week I shared the thoughts of esteemed author Parker J. Palmer. Below are a few more. Meanwhile, so many of

Little Stream

LITTLE STREAM, I can still hear you calling, though my footsteps may take me far away; through the seasons you’re rising and falling; young and old each new day, you move along but you stay, and I thank you for passing my way.

A Wild Path Dust Jacket

TODAY I AM delighted to share the beautiful dust jacket for my new memoir, A Wild Path. With an official pub date of Dec. 5, I’m even more delighted to say that you can now pre-order. Through Amazon or other online outlets, even better from your local independent bookseller. Or for a signed copy from me, simply use this link

The Basics

The Basics

ON A RECENT CHRISTMAS POST, there was a small case of mistaken identity. A few dispeptic souls mistook me for someone else—a sort of religious fundamentalist, perhaps, while others thought me more of a stone-hearted reductionist. Of course both were wrong. But in order to avoid further confusion, I will do this. I will tell you, my friends, exactly what