A Wild Path Dust Jacket

TODAY I AM delighted to share the beautiful dust jacket for my new memoir, A Wild Path. With an official pub date of Dec. 5, I’m even more delighted to say that you can now pre-order. Through Amazon or other online outlets, even better from your local independent bookseller. Or for a signed copy from me, simply use this link to my webstore: https://douglaswood.com/product/pre-order-a-wild-path/
The book has already received some incredible praise and generous reviews, including this one from renowned author/lecturer Parker J. Palmer. It is remarkable and very humbling.
“There is a world between these covers—a world of truth, grace, and beauty where gravity keeps your feet on the ground and levity lifts your spirit high. It’s a world of many dimensions: the challenge of the North Woods and the comfort of Beethoven in the pines, the glories of the night sky and the trustworthy wisdom of elders, the savvy to canoe the wilderness for weeks and the compassion to lift the spirits of children who weep because they are ‘different,’ all laced with the humor that is the spice of life. This world exists because Douglas Wood has the experience and the gifts required to bring it to life, giving his readers a chance to dwell in it for awhile, returning refreshed, even healed, to their own lives. That’s why I’ve been reading him for twenty years. Doug’s gifts are many, reaching beyond writing and illustrating to speaking, making music, and guiding wilderness expeditions. But what I value most about him is his artistry at being human, simply and fully human. I’ve returned to this book time and again to refresh my own humanity. I’d bet good money that you’ll find yourself doing the same.”
(Parker J. Palmer, author of On The Brink Of Everything, Let Your Life Speak, and A Hidden Wholeness)

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