So Cold Yet So Warm Christmas Day

Christmas Tree

AT THE CHURCH O’THE PINES on this Christmas Day it was cold. Below zero as it has been for 147 days and nights without relief. But in the old cabin, near the Christmas tree, it was warm, as Grandma Kathy served up a lovely feast including traditional favorites, perogees and ham and both strawberry and chocolate trifle.

Our outdoor congregation made do with extra suet and sunflower seeds in Fellowship Hall, and extra holy water in the heated bird bath. Poor Koda, our adopted kitten/cat, has not enjoyed the extended bitter cold, and has had difficulty adapting to the indoor life. But a few minutes outdoors is all he can stand, then back in and run to a different door in hopes the weather will be better there. Great disappointment in Dad, who does nothing to improve the situation. Many games of hide and seek, tag, laser light and cat-fishing then ensue. Today Simon, the sedate older brother, found his way into a paper grocery bag. Koda noticed. He stalked around the living room. Jumped onto the couch. Climbed out on the couch arm just above the bag. You could see the wheels turning, tail and butt twitching. Then an airborne launch with crash landing directly on the bag, with Simon being launched out of it as if shot from a cannon.

This seemed to be the release of negative energy that was required, and sweet kitten Koda retired to an unmade bed for a nap. As Kathy said, butter wouldn’t melt.

Whatever you have done for holiday joy or entertainment, we hope it has been a warm and lovely Christmas Day. Good tidings from the Church O The Pines…

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